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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sign Citi, Inc. is well aware of the fact that all its users are sensitive regarding the privacy of their User Submission along with personal information which is why the Privacy Policy states some important points to remember. The policy has some conditions upon which the website decides when to disclose a user's information. As a user, you decide whether you are comfortable with the policy or not and then make a decision regarding continuing your subscription to the website. If you don't agree with the website's policy, then please refrain from clicking on “I Agree”. Contact us through email to revoke your acceptance.

Types of Information Collected and Security

After you place an order for any product, the website demands billing information. This information is highly sensitive and therefore is protected by a 256-bit encrypted connection using a valid SSL certificate. Your name, address, credit details are safe and secure in our database, plus we don't keep your mail or credit card information stored. In case you are uncomfortable with providing details online, you can mail us the money or you can ask for a phone call to tell us your billing details. For those paying through PayPal, your transaction is handled by them.

Use of Cookies

The information that you provide like your name, number, credit card details, address, etc is used only for billing and transaction purposes only. Even the mails you get from the website contain details like recites, billing issues, invoices, etc. We do not use these details for any other purpose and we even refrain from sending you unsolicited emails. Some emails may conduit announcements regarding the company and its products, to receive them you need to sign up for the voluntary emails.

Third-Party Disclosure

Sign Citi, Inc. is linked to many third-party websites and the site does not disclose your information to them. Only Google Analytics can view a user’s details.
Note: after paying us with a credit card, the merchant services account processes all that information.

Disclosure of Information

As mentioned in the “The Types Of Information Collected And Security” paragraph, the website is careful about not disclosing any user information for other purposes outside of billing. However, Sign Citi, Inc. will deem it necessary in case of (i) providing information to the court for legal investigation (ii) for exercising legal rights (iii) if we want to defend the website against a false or legal claim made by a user (iv) to investigate and take action for a user’s illegal activities and violation of Term and Conditions on the website (v) to follow the state’s cyber law.


Some users may provide wrong or fake credit information on which Sign Citi, Inc will take full action. The website will provide all information required to prosecute credit fraud. We will give this information to State, Federal, and International Authorities, including the FBI, The Department of Justice, The Federal Trade Commission, and the National White Collar Crime Center.


You have the full right to decline in giving your information to the site, but remember that the website won't provide you certain services. Sign Citi is faithful to its users and takes great care that no user complains of the issue of privacy. So, to protect your private information to the fullest, you provide a unique password to access your account. Protecting your password and maintaining its privacy is also up to you. Be careful not to let someone else access your account.


Although the site takes appropriate steps to protect its privacy and illegal access, there is a possibility that a security breach may happen. In this case, we will alert you through email to take precautionary steps. The employees working for Sign Citi, Inc do not have full access to your personal and billing details because we do not want to take any risks. Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards are present to protect your information.


Some users may send us their pictures, music, videos, this is considered a voluntary action and the website has full rights to show those on media, the internet, or to the general public. Sign Citi, Inc. uses cookies, log file details, and clear gifts for purposes like (i) to let you avoid re-entering your information over and over again, so the website saves it for next time (ii) to provide users website’s content and details (iii) we want to thoroughly monitor whether our campaigns and marketing is effective or not (iv) to keep check of the number of visitors on the website (v) to notice how often a user visits our site (vi) tracking information regarding the submissions, entries, and contests you have participated in.

International Users

International users should remember that by clicking on “I Agree”, it's the Laws of The United States you agree upon. You are agreeing to follow the website’s rules which might not relate or be similar to your territory’s laws. Once you subscribe to the website, you transfer your personal information to the United States.

Third-party Advertisers, Links to Other Sites

Sign Citi, Inc is linked to any third-party websites. These websites are allowed to show their ads on our website, by doing so they receive a user's IP address. But this does not mean they have the power or authorization to access your details. In case you respond to any of those third-party advertisements, those websites can use your information like the number of times you visited the site, the number of your views on the advertisement, etc.

Privacy for Children

Sign Citi, Inc. maintains the privacy of young children. That is why the site does not allow access to children 13 years of age or younger At any time if the website catches a child on the site, Sign Citi will take appropriate measures to delete all their content and information immediately.


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