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Amount: $6.20


Letter sizing is complicated. In most fonts, different letters have different heights, especially lowercase letters.

We size everything proportionally to an uppercase “B”. Because of this, some letters may be shorter or taller than the height you select.

These letters are both sized to 4 inches.

* Font shown is Clarendon Bold.

Product Details


Aluminum Letters are far and away from the most popular metal signs we make. Light reflects off the vertical grain on the face of the metal letter, creating a shimmering effect that appears to glow from certain angles. Brushed metal letters complement any decor, from upscale to rustic to urban

Metal signs look professional, will not rust or tarnish, and look great on any facade.

Outdoor signage requires mounting studs and templates. A paper template outlines the location of the studs and the lettering's alignment and spacing. Installing mounting studs are made of threaded prongs that screw into the back of the letter, are coated with construction grade adhesive, and are drilled into the wall. Spacers can be used to offset the metal sign letter from the wall, thereby creating more dimension. Any mounting option can be used indoors, such as adhesive or stud mounting.

  • Best selling Aluminum Letters
  • Brushed vertical grain catches light beautifully
  • Fits in with any style
  • Colors and finishes may vary from your monitor
  • Contact us for samples or to verify sizing
  • Clear coat finish
  • 1/8" thick letters 3" and smaller cannot have Studs
  • Characters ,.;'"- are free
  • Flush Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Projected Spacer Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Projected Jam Nut Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Corrugated Mounting Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Flat Metal Wall Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Painted Finish is 10% more
  • Polished Finish is 50% more
  • Custom Color Color is $20.00 more
  • High Gloss Finish is 10% more
  • Matte Finish is 10% more
  • Paper Template is $1.00 more per letter
1/8 Inch 1/4 Inch 3/8 Inch 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch
1 Inch
1.5 Inch
2 Inch
3 Inch
4 Inch
5 Inch
6 Inch
7 Inch
8 Inch
9 Inch
10 Inch
11 Inch
12 Inch
13 Inch
14 Inch
15 Inch
16 Inch
17 Inch
18 Inch
19 Inch
20 Inch
21 Inch
22 Inch
23 Inch
24 Inch
25 Inch
26 Inch
27 Inch
28 Inch
29 Inch
30 Inch
31 Inch
32 Inch
33 Inch
34 Inch
35 Inch
36 Inch
37 Inch
38 Inch
39 Inch
40 Inch
41 Inch
42 Inch
43 Inch
44 Inch
45 Inch
46 Inch


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