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Terms And Condition

Sign Citi Terms And Condition Of Use

1.Your Acceptance

You approve to the terms and conditions of the website along with the privacy policy by clicking on “i agree”. you can also make approval through site visitation( all content present on https://www.signcitivisualsinagesolution.com/ domain name is included). avoid clicking on “i agree” as well as visiting the sign citi site in case of disagreement to the aforementioned terms. if you did not read the terms and conditions before placing an order and gave payment, contact the owner/operator of the website to get a refund. clicking on “i agree” means your agreement comes into effect on the date and time of your specific location. do print and retain a copy of the document so that you may use it for future references, this will be considered a binding contract between you and the website after clicking on "i agree".

2.Your Acceptance

All users of Sign Citi Visual Signage Solution along with those who are contributors to the website must follow the Terms Of Service. The contributors contribute in terms of video content, item listings, blogs, forum posts, information, and other materials of service to Sign Citi, Inc. The Sign Citi website is linked to other third-party websites which are in no way controlled or owned by https://www.signcitivisualsinagesolution.com/ Since the website does not own or control the 3rd party websites, Sign Citi will not make any changes, edits, or censor anything on those online platforms. Once you start using Sing Citi, Inc. you are reliving the website from all liabilities appearing from the third-party websites.
We also encourage you to go through the Terms And Conditions of any website you may visit to avoid any complications.
Significant Payment Information: In case of listing an item or items for exchange or sale purposes, Sing Citi, Inc. will not refund the money. Avoid using the website if you do not agree to this policy and deny paying a non-refundable listing fee.

This website functions through third-party software. To access all the website’s features, plug-ins, add-ons, extensions are the software you may require access to. Sign Citi, Inc. is not responsible for the virtues or consequential damages that may occur after installation, download, or use of the third-party software. We provide no warranty or guarantee for it.

3.Website Access

Sign Citi, Inc. hereby grants you permission to use and access the Website as outlined in these Terms of Service, conditioned upon:

  • You are allowed to use this website only for personal use but not commercial use.
  • To distribute content from the website, you need to get written authorization from Sign Citi, Inc.
  • Alteration or modification made by the user is not permitted unless it becomes reasonably necessary to do so.
  • you will otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service.

You will have to make your account on the website so that you gain access to a few features. Sign Citi, Inc. does not grant permission to a user to access someone else’s account, you are required to provide all accurate personal details and information for the account. You need to keep your password safe and secure because you are answerable for any activity that takes place on your account. You must notify the website in case of any unauthorized activity. Moreover, using or launching any automated system that accesses the website in such a way that it sends request messages to Sign Citi, Inc. is not allowed, these automated systems include robots, spiders, offline readers, etc without any limitation. Operators for public search engines are permitted by the website to utilize automated systems for the materials only when they want to create indices that are searchable and publicly available. Sign Citi, Inc. makes these exceptions for the ease of the users, however, the website can nullify these exceptions in specific or general cases.
You also are agreeing on the condition that collection and distributing of information from the site for personal or commercial solicitation purposes is prohibited.

4.Intellectual Property Rights

Sign Citi, Inc. owns all the website’s content, it is licensed by the site. The content that comes in User Submission, including without limitation, is not website property. This includes the text, software, metatags, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, interactive features, and the like ("Content") and the trademarks, service marks, trade dress, and logos contained therein ("Marks"). You are not allowed to copyright according to the United States and foreign laws and international conventions. The content on this site is solely for the user’s personal use only, any act that violates the condition is illegal. You are not authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit the content without consent from the owner of the website before these acts. As a user of this website, you agree not to participate in any acts that involve copying or distribution of the content of users to use it for commercial purposes. You must remember to keep a copy of all the copyright and proprietary notices in the case for personal usage, you decide to print or download any content from the website.
You agree to not Mendel or disable the security-related features of the website nor will you limit or prevent the website from performing its functions.

5.User Submissions

In the future we expect the website to allow its users to submit pictures, content, and communications and the site will permit sharing, hosting, and publishing of User Submissions. However, Sign Citi, Inc. will not guarantee that your published content remains confidential so that means you are responsible for what you post. As a user who is submitting or publishing on the site(i)you need to hold necessary licensing for it, have consent, and get proper authorization for acting on the website's platform (ii)if you use another user's name while publishing or posting any content type, you require their permission first. Once you submit Users' Submissions, you give Sign Citi, Inc. all the rights to your name and content. The website can sell, lease, rent, copy, reproduce, distribute, prepare, promote, redistribute, display, use it in business and publicly perform the User's Submissions on a public and online platform and social media. You also allow other users to access your User Submission through the website, they can reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of display and perform such User Submissions that are allowed by the website and follow the terms and conditions. After you delete or remove a User Submission, the website can directly cancel your forgoing license.
In User submission, you avoid acts like(i) submitting or posting content copyrighted from the public or online platforms of foreign countries(ii)you cannot post anything that invades the privacy or publicizes material that is top-secret unless you own it yourself(iii) User submission that includes false, unlawful, threatening, harassing, hateful, and sexual material along with anything that violates the law is prohibited (iv) you cannot advertise or post about a company or business(v) not allowed to impersonate someone else.
Site Citi, Inc. shows no involvement in endorsing anything related to User Submission. Your opinions, recommendations, and advice are protected by the website. Sign Citi, Inc discourages copyright infringing along with infringing intellectual property rights. The website will remove all the content of a user once Sign Citi, Inc is notified of any infringing activities, moreover, you are not permitted to infringe another user's User Submission.
The website will not inform a user before removing any User Submission. If a user repeats his infringing activities on the website and does not stop, he/she shall be removed as a user immediately. Sign Citi, Inc. Has no policy of refunding any used portion of a listing or any membership/subscription fee to a user who is a repeat infringer. A repeat infringer is someone who participated in infringing activities on a website and is notified/warned more than twice. Sign Citi, Inc also reserves the right to decide whether a User Submission is appropriate enough to post on the site, the site makes sure that the User Submission is according to all the Terms and Conditions. Violation of the terms forces the website to remove User Submission and stops the user’s access to upload future material.

6.Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

Sign Citi, Inc. discourages users to provide unsolicited ideas to the site. This includes ideas regarding advertising campaigns, promotions, products, product improvements, processes, materials, marketing plans, or product names. Our company and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas. We emphasize this policy to ensure that there is no clash between users and the company when a certain idea or advertisement seems similar to a user's unsolicited advice.
In spite of the fact that we do not entertain your unsolicited ideas and you still send them to us then regardless of what your submission states, our terms and conditions will be applied to that submission; (i) we will not compensate you for any of your ideas that you submit and it will directly become Sign Citi, Inc. property(i) you agree on the website using your idea in any way we like, whether it's used on social media or public advertisement, you will not interfere in it. Although we forbid a user's unsolicited ideas, we do encourage your feedback on the products sold on the website. To give us feedback you can click on “Contact Us” on the page. Try to avoid adding your unsolicited ideas in your feedback because our policy does not permit it.

7.Warranty Disclaimer

After becoming a user in Sign Citi, Inc. you agree that all your activities on the account and website are done at your own risk. As permitted by the law all the employees, officers, directors, and agents are not responsible for the product and disclaim all warranty. This also includes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular person, and non-infringement. Sign Citi, Inc. gives no warranty on the website’s content regarding its accuracy or completeness, or liability. We do not take responsibility for the following factors like (i) if the content has errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies (ii) if you obtain any personal injuries or damage your property while using the website (iii) if your personal information is seen by unauthorized access of servers which also makes your financial information visible (iv) if our website ceases or stops working(v)if your device gets any bugs, viruses or trojan horse through the usage of our website or through third party websites linked to us (vi) if your data/information is damaged or lost by emailing or forwarding the website’s content to anyone (vii) if you exchange or sale a product with another user of the website and there occurs some problem in it, we do not take its responsibility nor warranty for it. Any third-party product will not be endorsed, guaranteed or advertised by the website. We are also not a part of monitoring any transaction between a user and a third-party provider. While purchasing a product, you have to be cautious and well-informed about it first before making any orders or transactions.

8.Limitation of Liability

Sing Citi, Inc. is in no way liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. This also holds officers, directors, employees, agents along with the website itself non-liable to (i) any mistakes, errors, or inaccuracies of the web site's content (ii) if you attain any injury or property damage while using the website (iii) if anyone has obtained unauthorized access to our website causing them to see your personal and financial information(iv) if our website ceases or stops working(v)if your device gets any bugs, viruses or trojan horse through the usage of our website or through third party website linked to us (vi) if your data/information is damaged or lost by emailing or forwarding the website’s content to anyone (vii) if you exchange or sale a product with another user of the website and there occurs some problem in it, we do not take its responsibility nor warranty for it. Any third-party product will not be endorsed, guaranteed, or advertised by the website. The foregoing limitations of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by the law inapplicable jurisdiction.
Sign Citi, Inc. is not responsible if you share your content or information for selling or buying purposes with any third party which may result in offensive, illegal involvement of the third party, and therefore you are solely responsible for it. Sign Citi, Inc. controls this website from the United States of America. We do not control when and where not the website is legal or available to use and if you are in some other location then you will solely be held responsible if you are violating the law.


You will not blame or hold the website liable for any damages, loss of finances, information, debts, expenses(including but not limited to attorney’s fees) if these liabilities occur due to (i) your access to the website and its usage(ii) if you violate Terms and Conditions(iii) if you violate the rights of any third party (iv) if make a claim that your content got damages and infringed by a third-party.

10.Ability to Accept Terms of Service

Once you click on "I Agree", you confirm that your age is 18+ on the date and location on which this action took place. If not then you can confirm to the website that you are an emancipated minor or possess legal or parental guardian and that you are mature enough to fully understand and follow the Terms and Condition.


As a user, you have no right to transfer or assign any rights or license, only Sign Citi, Inc. can do it without restriction.


You agree that incase of any conflict that occurs between the website and the user, all claims and conflicts shall be settled in the court.If the court decides that a certain provision of these Terms and conditions is invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions by any means. No waiver of any term of these Terms of Service shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and Woodland Manufacturing, Inc.'s failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
Sign Citi, Inc. has full rights to cancel or amend anything in the Terms of Service. In order to get notified you have to send an email to @signcitivisualsinagesolution.com to get informed prior to any changes that will occur in the policy. You can also waive your rights to stop receiving notifications regarding changes in the terms and condition. If a user and the website get involved in some problem that may be legal or even just a general problem, it should be addressed within a time span of one year. Any action taken after one year won't be addressed and will be waived permanently.


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